Current Rates

(rates are subject to change)

Extension Blend with extension already added: $550-650 (depends on complexity of grain pattern, condition of existing finish, and if additional grain enhancement is desired)

Add Extension:$200; to Checkered Butt: add $125; Fit and install butt plate: add $40 plus cost of plate

Grain Enhancement: Shotgun stock (w/forend) $500-600 (includes strip and refinish )

Full length rifle stock $650

Add to comb height and blend to existing finish: call or e-mail for quote

Stock refinish  - $300

Repairs - call or e-mail pics for quote

Re-cut checkering: $150-250

Install recoil pad: $50 plus cost of pad

Custom Art Projects (painting dogs, birds, etc. on stock, or other special projects): Please call or e-mail for quote

50% deposit required to begin work, remainder due on completion plus return postage.

Please free to contact me with any questions or inquiries (see home page for contact info).