My specialty:   2.5" extension added and blended to match existing grain pattern and

overall color,  to a checkered butt.

I can also install leather recoil pads, regular pads, and butt plates. 


Thanks for visiting my site.  I specialize in blending stock extensions, enhancing wood grain, alterations and repairs, refinishing, and adding custom artwork to gun stocks. As a licensed ffl dealer, I also buy and sell as part of my trade.  

I am also an international award winning gallery oil painter (you can view my paintings on my other website, having shown my paintings in museums and galleries around the world.   


If I can be of service, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mark Everett Larson

Mail and shipping address:

Mark Everett Larson Fine Art

8604 SE Duke St.

Portland, OR 97266